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G-DARMA X @lilnasx



Recently @lilnasx shared a post in which he wears a garment from my brand @good.arma , this garment is part of my fall 2021 “Colón” collection, and this is where I want to share with you the relevance and importance of this achievement.

Colón, Es un acercamiento a entender al Colonialismo y sus efectos en la Cultura Latina, La colección se sitúa en la llegada de los españoles a América en 1492, y del impacto en la forma de vida nativa, En esta Colección trabajo 2 metáforas visuales, una de ellas es el LEON que es un símbolo de poder, protección y custodio, el cual re interpretó con una espada que lo atraviesa por el pecho, expresando la necesidad de Matar aquella bestia que ha perpetuado racismos, clasismo, machismo, brutalidad y genocidio en la configuración de las culturas americanas. La bestia es así misma la representación de la monarquía, de la corona y fe católica, en ella se esconde una perversa falsa seguridad, así como el sistema de dominación político y económico del nuevo mundo.

Columbus, It is an approach to understanding Colonialism and its effects on Latin Culture, The collection have context in the arrival of the Spaniards in America in 1492, and the impact on the native way of life, In this Collection I work 2 visual metaphors, One of them is the LION, which is a symbol of power, protection and guardian, which he reinterpreted with a sword that crosses his chest, expressing the need to kill that beast that has perpetuated racism, classism, machismo, brutality and genocide. in shaping American cultures. The beast is also the representation of the monarchy, the crown and the Catholic faith, in it hides a perverse false security, as well as the system of political and economic domination of the new world.


Colón, is an invitation to stop trying to belong, this collection is a tribute to miscegenation. Columbus was a fabric quilt, in which there is no single or relevant form, a quilt of diversity and respect for forms and life. And this is where the importance of this garment being worn by Lil Nasx, an Afro-American man, gay, transgressor and politician who has contributed to changing the stigmas of men in the American macho industry, who imposes a new paradigm of masculinity and aesthetics. It is an honor that ideas connect. I am proud and moved by the graphic reflections expressed in the clothes he designed, since the experience lived as a Colombian immigrant in New York has significantly marked my life, I had never before stopped to understand how racism is connected to colonialism, and now the connection that I see in the anti-values of Latin cultures (classism, careerism, or wanabesm) run over me and this is my personal way of combating this, I am not looking for a perfect body, I am not looking for perfect English, I am not looking for any canon, I seek to accept myself as I am. I feel happy not because Lil Nasx is one of the most mediatic people in the world and uses what he designs, I feel proud to raise my voice and open reflection on the impact of colonialism. I feel motivated because I know that his fight is my fight and what I share in this collection represents him. I share with love these reflections for those who feel connected to the exploration of my thoughts in this moment of creation in clothes.

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