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“All That Is Solid Melts Into Air”


G-Darma is a New York City-based streetwear brand founded in 2019 by Julián A. López. F. G-Darma seeks to sustainably promote critical thinking about the impact of capitalism and colonialism on today's society.

G-Darma: Journey, Fury and Contradiction are the key words to understand the imaginary of Julián López, Colombian artist, founder, designer and CEO. of the brand, who, from his experience as an immigrant with political asylum, reflects his reflection on cultural issues that he considers important in contemporary society.

Contemporaneity turned us into what we can call “POP Culture”, shaping us as consumers of big brands and media followers of idols, prototypes, and stereotypes.

Now we don’t know what to eat, where to buy and how to be responsible in a systematically “wrong” world.

Exploitation, the violation of fundamental rights and the growing unfair trade are the reason for our vision and awareness as a brand.

G-Darma presents an alternative and a possible solution from fashion and art to excessive consumption. We are the awakening of a society that is capable of redeeming itself from its environmental impact.

The image of the Tiger that dances in the ball, the beast that is tamed and tamed, serves to exemplify our feelings as a brand. Our creations are an artistic manifestation of nonconformity about senseless consumption, an invitation to question the origin of the clothes we buy and its impact on humanity.

G-Darma develops its production with recycled raw materials and fabrics that left the market for having imperfections. The brand re-incorporates these fabrics, proposing an imaginary where the mistake becomes an opportunity for a new beginning.