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GD_H 15


Denim crop hoodie jacket designed by Good Arma New York, GD_ 17 Winter Spring 2023 capsule. 4 unique designs with modifications in the pattern structure of the hoodie that mark futuristic lines that express their own design for each of the pieces. The hood has ears, eyes and a zipper that offer a feline mask experience to the wearer of the garment. The concept of this piece explores animal instinct as a focus of expression and power. 4 concepts were made (1.Carpe Diem, 2.Fight or cry, 3.On tempo, 4.Dreamit) each design is accompanied by an illustration of a feline skull embroidered in the chenille technique.

It also has textile embroidery on the sleeves and on the back. Making 25 pieces for each hoodie, in size (XS – S) and (M – L).

  • 100%Cotton
  • Winter Spring 2023
  • Chenille embroidery Back (10 INCHES)
  • Textile embroidery on the sleeves and back.
  • Loose fit oversize
  • Zipper hood with ears
  • Estructure pocket
  • Capsule of 25 pieces per design.

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