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L.A x G-DARMA. Check the new drawings!

We made these drawings on some t-shirts that we bought at Suami in LA, they resist washing, 30 unique pieces.


I recently visited L.A for the first time, after a year living in NY and some business trips to Miami I was more than ready for this interesting meeting. In NY many things are said about Los Angeles, history also has a lot to tell, mainly from the legendary rivalry between Tupac and The Notorious Big, which without being an expert and with some friends who have introduced me to Rap and the culture of this country seems to be the origin of the rivalry of these two cities.


Living in the United States has represented a change in everything that I am as a person, American culture has been very interesting to me, and I have a fascination for understanding the contribution of Rap in many dimensions, street clothes are what most appeal to me attention and it is where I focus my energy as a creator, this trip to LA represents for me the opportunity to know some things that have seemed important to me from the stories that I have been collecting in my life in North America and without further ado here I present some perceptions and graphic reflections of this trip.


Is this Los Angeles or is this Mexico?


The stories of the street say that in a past time Los Angeles was from Mexico, but that it was a gift to the United States government, something strange to believe but well, it is not my subject. The truth is that I have never seen so many Mexican people in my life since I have never been to Mexico and never, ever, had I eaten so much and so delicious Mexican food. The truth seemed to me to be a very expensive city in general, the rent is through the roof and the city is literally scattered everywhere, the buildings did not grow, the people spread everywhere and that is why almost if you do not have a car it is impossible to inhabit the city.

All people remember something a lot when they visit a place, be it a smell, a sunset, whatever, for me on this trip it was a camping tent, literally it is full of them everywhere, there is a terrible problem with the sincasa Never, but never in my life have I seen something like this, (and I am from Colombia where we have many problems of drugs and poverty) for me it was terrifying to use public transport, all my nature as a citizen of the world collapsed before a strange city like a Checkered Dog.



If they ask me what I like? 

Well, I really liked the alleys LOS CALLEJONES, some places where you can get practically anything, (literally even a kidney LOL) so many fabrics, jewelry supplies, clothing, technology and Chinese hightech trinkets. This place connected me with the fashion district, and there I met very interesting people and companies that are really into the fashion business of this country. My learning was painful but substantial.

I also really liked Suamy, a market in the San Fernando Valley where on Saturdays and Sundays you can get almost anything, there they auction everything that is not sold on Amazon, magic boxes. Here I got almost 30 new 100% cotton t-shirts at an excellent price. I really like this place too.

Well people, the truth is I don't know how I got to these drawings of the camping tents, I don't mean to offend anyone, nor play an intellectual, it was just something that marked me a lot, the drawings only reflect my concerns from this trip through LA. nothing more to say, only that I made them with love, there are 30 drawings that you can find in a store called BoardWalk Vintage 1601 Ocean Front Walk Venice, California.