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DARKKARMA is a collection created by the Colombian brands @ & @Sendo_Official during 2019 as a result of the collaboration between Alejandro Salazar and Julián Al Florez; Dark Karma is a conversation between two friends, a failed promise, a set of situations that tie us to a social state, that generates anxiety, Dark Karma is all that is there, all that affects us and that we can’t control. It is also the massive production of plastic by Coca Cola, it is Neo-liberalism, the eternal promise of not doing more “that” that we know we always end up doing. Dark karma is an aimless journey, an uber driver on a night of encounters with love. Dark Karma is everything and nothing, a broken hug, an insurance that everything will be better tomorrow. The #Dark Karma collection proposes “flow” as logic, a tribute to the “path”, a #KillDeDrama, a set of unique pieces that were cooked as wellness therapy, a work, a canvas, a new awakening.