We participated in a Video clip, Know what we did! THE FLORIDA BURNS

https://youtu.be/32-OqYtuUMw CALI – COLOMBIA, MARCH 2019 In 2019 we got to know the project for the artistic projection laboratory (creation of a music video) of the Afro Hip Hop foundation in the city of Cali thanks to an invitation from Maria Paola Herrera from the art team of this project. This collaboration consisted of contributing […]


MANHATTAN – NEW YORK, JANUARY 2020 We met Gissele Manzano Ceo, founder of @LePandaRuch NY and together with her we were given the task of co-creating what we consider represents sustainable Latin culture in the Big Apple. The production took place in Sasha Jones’ studio with photographer @milofynn and model @ mira.hart in January 2020. […]